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With Gold American Eagle Coins!

"Gold’s strength in 2016 (posting an 8.6% gain after a 3 year bear market) was overshadowed by the drawdown in Q4 last year leading up to the Fed rate hike in December"

Teresa Rivas

Reasons To Buy Gold
  • Gold prices predicted to soar by 2018

  • If you had $25,000 in gold in 2001 at $290/oz you would have over $100,000 at today's gold price!

  • Economic uncertainty

  • U.S. paper dollar at all-time low

Protect your money by investing in U.S. Government Gold
  • Limited release and availability

  • Legal tender minted by U.S. Mint

  • Fully backed by U.S. Gov't

  • Authorized by Congress

Contact Us

7100 Regency Square Blvd.

Suite# 275

Houston, Texas 77036



"It's fairly safe to say markets are not all that convinced that well get as many rate hikes as some people are speculating"

Jon Butler.

"Gold will rise again: Mike Pento sees $1,800 by the year end"

"Gold is sensitive to rising rates because they tend to boost the dollar, making gold more expensive for holders of other currencies, and push up bond yields, reducing the appeal of non-yielding gold.

Jim Rogers

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